My name is Natasha I am a teenage girl and I love writing as well as many other things. I have a matching instagram page where this journey all started in early 2015 over @writingtolive. At the present day I have just over 1000 followers on my instagram page. Now, I have created this blog too. I debated doing a different blog to writing, perhaps fashion or beauty because these, as for many girls, are interests, especially fashion and style. However, there are many blogs out there to do with fashion and beauty and I wanted to start something different for a different genre.

I believe writing is beautiful, a work of art and so so meaningful! I will never say I am the best at writing because I’m not. But I love creative writing, I love books and that is what I want to talk about even if I am not the best. Writing for me has been a brilliant source of comfort and happiness. So many books provide me with astonishing emotions and feelings I need to share. Meanwhile, a pen and pad has always been a great place for me to get my anger or sadness, love or happiness out onto.

Writing is my special place.

I hope this blog helps you decide what books to get, I hope this blog provides you a positive influence and perhaps inspires you in some way. I hope this blog helps and more importantly I hope someone out there will like my blog.

Thank you

Natasha x


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