All The Bright Places-Jennifer Niven


I was recently on holiday in Crete, Greece and whilst I was there I read several books. One of the books I read was All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I brought this book quite a while ago now and have been dying to read it but really wanted to save it for my holiday. I began this book on the air-plane and could not put it down, I absolutely loved it!

This book was so original and a really different love story to the typical ones you get. I am a huge love story fan like many people but this had an absolutely heartbreaking yet brilliant twist. It was so interesting to watch Violet and Finch’s story grow. The mental health storyline struck me as it is not so widely talked about and there is such a stigma around it. I  thought the way she wrote this book was outstanding. It showed me that although these teenagers were facing inner battles and going through hard times I felt they were still normal teenagers like me who were falling in love.  It really taught me so much about suicide and mental health and showed me why these illnesses are just as important as physical illnesses and they need just as much attention and care, as well as love and support. It shocked me in parts, in made me full of happiness, upset and inspired me to show my support to mental health sufferers, my friends and classmates at school because you never know what is happening in their mind and at home.

For me I have always been quite interested in mental health and I have always wanted to help people. This book taught me so much about the complexion of a persons brain. It also showed me the beauty of a person’s brain and imagination.

This story was so well brought together. In particular I loved Finch and Violet’s characters. I have never been so fond of the characters in a book. Their personalities made me so happy and at times I laughed, at times I cried and at times I was utterly inspired by these two teenagers fighting for their life back. The characters were so well thought through and I honestly I wanted to help them, be their friend and support them. I was obsessed with Finch’s character and absolutely adored everything about him, his bravery, love, beauty and battles. I like to think these characters are somewhere, Finch in another insanely beautiful world because his imagination and personality was incredibly beautiful and inspired me. I also like to believe Violet is someone doing extremely well in her life all because Finch in his own way saved her without her ever realising.

This book taught me a huge amount about life, living everyday, supporting people and mental health with all its beauty. I also realised that sometimes you can’t save yourself. However, there is always someone there to carry on fighting for you. There is always someone like Finch who wants to save you without maybe even realising. I realise that when I loose hope there is going to be someone there for me, whether that is my mum or someone I have not even met yet or talked to. Finch saved Violet, he put her before himself even though he barely knew her. Finch brought Violet back to life. Finch died for her, maybe that was all he was meant to do in his life, but that made me respect him even more.

There is always someone who wants you to stay, there are good people, there are alive people, there are asleep people, but we must treat everyone with the same love, respect and care whatever their situation.

No doubt this has become my favourite book, so imaginative, so factual and so so beautiful. It took me to another world for a few days and I came back knowing so much more about life and all the people who surround me. Probably the most inspirational, outstanding and phenomenal book I have ever read.

I will definitely be much more supportive and understanding of mental health in the future and I see why it is just as deadly as physical illness. Please support everyone around you because their minds are just as complicated as yours. Please read this book if you have a chance. It may seem as though it is full of suffering and sadness but actually it is full of hope, inspiration and truth.

Natasha x


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